About Your Trainer - David Shephard

David Shephard is one of the world’s leading personalities in personal development and a specialist in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, and NLP Coaching. 

David's personal mission is to “make the seemingly impossible, possible” and he does, for his clients.  David brings a blend of entertainment, passion, practicality, and pioneering expertise to everything he does and it is what makes him a success. 

A lot of people lay claim to such grandiose statements, though very few have any proof in an array of different fields.  

Consider then the following facts:

  1. Coached people to change career and then become best in class in their new field. 
  2. Therapeutically David has worked with hundreds of people.
In 1993, David was trying to find something more fulfilling from life. From a career perspective he was flying high in the City of London.  His personal life, however, was in turmoil with the breakdown of his marriage.  

Having read Tony Robbins’s “Unlimited Power”, an interest in personal development was stimulated which is something that has since become his life’s work.  His dedication saw him travel to California to be taught by some of the world’s leading trainers.  Three years later, he achieved the hardest qualification: "Master Trainer", two years earlier than the norm.  In itself, this proves his skill and dedication. 

Whilst thousands of people are qualified as Trainers of NLP, only a small number globally have ever attained the title of "Master Trainer". This involved over 2,000 hours of study and practice. Since then, David has taught NLP for over 30,000 hours and is considered a global expert.  So much so that he is President of one of the biggest boards of NLP in the world and on the advisory committee of the United Kingdom’s biggest association. This is due to his knowledge, ability, and the pioneering way he teaches. 

He is undoubtedly a genius. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book "Outliers" said that to achieve genius levels of skill involved over 10,000 hours of immersing oneself in the task.  

David has certified over 1,000 people globally who teach NLP to businesses and individuals.  He is the Trainer’s Trainer. 

In addition to running a successful NLP training business with training courses taking place 130 days every year, David believes it is important to give back to the community.  

Because of his unique set of skills, David is so enthusiastic about what is possible theraputically he set up Fix My Mind with his business partner James Mallinson.

His "Best Year Yet"’ events run annually, giving students the opportunity to meet again whilst completing there current years goals and setting new goals for the new year ahead. David focuses on how you can improve your body, mind, and relationships. 

Originally from Mansfield, David still retains his Northern charm. He is 49, lives in London in his riverside home in Richmond. He plays the guitar, is an avid watch and car collector, and his dream is still to play a gig like Elvis!

Fix My Mindhttp://www.fixmymind.co.uk/

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