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Presenting Magically


Transform Your Stage Presence With NLP

Audio Programme 6 CDs – 4 DVDs

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Why Presenting Magically?

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What will you learn from Presenting Magically?

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Who is Presenting Magically designed for?

What if I do Presenting Magically?

Just suppose, for a moment, that you are doing the biggest and most important presentation of your life, you look out at the audience and sense that they are totally with you. You feel calm, balanced, centered, and completely in control. You have fun presenting your material and after receiving your well-deserved applause several people approach you and tell you it was the best presentation they have ever seen. Just a dream? No - that’s Presenting Magically!

Presenting Magically Audio Programme

Investment Price: £349.00 + £12.60 P&P incl. VAT 

Includes 6 CD's, 4 DVD's and course manual.

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