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Conversational Change


Mastering the Art and Science of Transformational Linguistics

Audio Programme - 8 CDs, 1 DVD and Course Manual

This product consists of the NLP Master Practitioner Conversational Change curriculum on audio CDs. The CDs contain a mixture of studio and live recording. The theories and concepts are recorded in the studio for increased clarity. Demonstrations, discussions, and question and answer sessions are recorded live at our training programmes to create a sense of reality and involvement.

A unique feature of this programme is that a demonstration DVD is included. The demonstration was videoed at our training programme and appears unedited so you get to see what really happened. The demonstration is then explained to assist your learning. The programme comes with a complete Training Manual.

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Why Conversational Change?

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What will you learn from Conversational Change?

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How is the Conversational Change Programme structured?

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Who is Conversational Change designed for?

What if I do the Conversational Change Programme?

This programme is not just about language; it is about learning a totally new way of communicating. In life you don't get what you deserve, you get what you communicate.

So the repercussions of this programme, for you and others around you, are staggering. Conversation will never be the same again!

Price: £295.00 + £12.60 P&P incl. VAT 

Includes 8 CD's and 1 DVD.

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