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Quantum Physics & Neurophysics


Quantum Physics and Neruophysics

There are a variety of books available on this subject. Here is a list of the books we often recommend and a brief synopsis of each one. Enjoy! 

Mega Brain Power


This book’s main theme is the expansion of consciousness through the use of sound and light machines. The reason I recommend it is because of the research material included. Here you will find information about studies measuring that the weight of a rat's brain increases when they are put into a stimulating environment and the case of the man with no brain! Fascinating stuff that will change your beliefs about the way your brain and neurology work, and your abilities to learn. 

The Holographic Universe


This book changed my perspective of the universe I live in, my relationship with it, and effect on it. Michael Talbot gives a possible scientific explanation for all the weird and wonderful things that happen in our world. I read many books but very few do I read more than once. This one I have read four times and everytime I get a new realisation.

Beyond The Quantum


One of the best introductions to quantum physics I have come across. It is easy to understand by the non - physicist or scientist, and ties together the latest concepts in physics to consciousness and personal empowerment. 

Creative Intelligence


I wrote the forward for this book as I have been communicating with its author, Ted Falconar, for several years. This book gives an easy to understand and follow synopsis of what Count Alfred Korzybski was saying in his book Science and Sanity. Korzybski's book has more than 800 pages, Ted's a little over 100. This is a real favourite of my students as much of the core concepts of NLP are based on Korzybski's Non-Aristotelian thinking. Easy to read and mind blowing. Apply what it says and your life will be changed for the better.

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