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There are so many books available on the subject of NLP. We are often asked which books are a good investment of time and money.  We only ever recommend books that we have personally read and found useful either in the work we do on ourselves or with our clients and students. Here is a list of the books we most often recommend and a brief synopsis of each one. Enjoy!

The Structure of Magic Volume 1

Bandler & Grinder

Volume 1 was the first NLP book ever published and is based around Richard Bandler's doctorate thesis. It is the definitive text on the Meta-Model. Not the easiest of reads, but definitely worth reading for anyone who wants to get to know about linguistics in depth. The book contains excellent transcripts of therapy sessions where the therapist uses the meta-model questions to assist the client in achieving personal change.

The Structure of Magic Volume 2

Bandler & Grinder

Volume 2 expands the use of the Meta-Model further and also introduces the topics of representational systems, incongruity, and family therapy.

The Patterns of Milton Erickson Volumes 1 & 2

Bandler & Grinder

Volume 1 was the first NLP book published on the subject of Milton Erickson. Milton Erickson is held as being one of the most influential people in modern day hypnotherapy. Richard and John used modeling techniques to model the language patterns of Erickson and created the Milton Model. The Milton Model is a linguistic model that enables others to create the same artfully vague language patterns Erickson is renowned for.

Frogs into Princes

Bandler & Grinder

Probably the most popular of Bandler and Grinder's books and the first to be transcribed from their training seminars. Frogs Into Princes introduces for the first time eye accessing patterns, anchoring and reframing. This book covers how to use these techniques to cure phobias, help adults and children with learning disabilities, get rid of unwanted habits and assist couples, families, and organisations become productive. Very readable and also very amusing in parts.


Bandler & Grinder

Again transcribed from a training seminar, Reframing introduces the concept around which the meaning of events and behaviours can be changed. This book includes how to work with parts and also how to reframe dissociated states like alcoholism and drug abuse. The book covers how to use these techniques with individuals, families, and organisations.
This book is now out of print, so you will need to purchase a second hand copy.


Bandler & Grinder

Tranceformations is an easier read than Patterns I and covers the language patterns of Milton Erickson for the induction of trance states. This is an excellent book on the use of hypnosis from an NLP perspective. The book covers simple and advanced inductions, utilisation of trance states, pain control, amnesia, and using trance for generating new behaviours.

Using Your Brain For A Change


The first book on the use of Submodalities. This book teaches you how to take control of your mind and how to use your brain's programming language to easily get yourself motivated, rid yourself of confusion, change limiting beliefs, and use the SWISH pattern to change unwanted feelings and behaviours.
This book is now out of print, so you will need to purchase a second hand copy.

Magic in Action


Magic in Action is a collection of transcriptions of 20-minute therapy sessions Richard did with a number of clients. This book is an excellent read. Richard comments that all he is doing in these sessions is submodality work. On closer examination you get to realise how much work he is doing "below the surface" and what a master linguist he is.

Time For A Change


One of Richard's latest books in which he relates the topics in hypnosis and beliefs. The book covers how to deepen the level of trance you can achieve, how to change limiting beliefs, create time distortion for yourself and others as well as entering states of heightened awareness.

NLP Volume 1

Bandler, Grinder, Dilts

The definitive text on strategies. This book is not an easy read but it is very complete. It covers how to elicit, utilise, design, change, and install strategies. There are also very useful sections on the application of strategies in education, organisational development, sales, advertising, health, law, and psychotherapy.

Changing Belief Systems with NLP


One of Robert's first books, Changing Beliefs Systems with NLP covers what beliefs are, how they work and how to change them. This is a very thorough book on one of the most interesting areas of NLP and personal development.

Modeling with NLP


The only book available at the moment on modeling. Modelling was how NLP came into being in the first place by modelling people who demonstrated excellence. This was done by analysing their internal thought process (Neuro) and their verbal and non-verbal communication (linguistic) and then putting these into a step-by-step procedure for replicating the original behaviour (programming). This book looks at the core principles of NLP modelling and then goes into some detail on using modelling in delegation and leadership.

Presenting Magically

Shephard & James

My first book! Based on my extremely popular Presenting Magically weekend training programme. If you present or want to present yourself, then this book will give you the low down on the tricks and techniques of NLP Master Trainers. There is no other book like it and yes, I am biased!

Sleight Of Mouth Patterns


Sleight of Mouth patterns is a collection of elegant reframes for conversationally changing beliefs. Robert and a number of other early NLPers were fascinated by the language patterns that Bandler used when working with others. They drew from their investigation a number of linguistic patterns that can be used to change someone's mind conversationally. This has applications in the field of personal development as well as in business and therapy.

Time Line Therapy® and The Basis of Personality

James & Woodsmall

An excellent book from my good friend and colleague Tad James. I have been working with Tad for eight years and it was this book that lead me to seek him out. It was the first book on Time Line Therapy® and is also a definitive text on meta-programmes and values. This book covers how to enable someone to emotionally heal their past, remove limiting decisions made in past events as well as work with meta programmes and values. I highly recommend this book. It is also required reading for my Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification training programme.

The Secret of Creating Your Future®


This is one of the best introductory books to NLP and Time Line Therapy®. It is written as a story about Milon the Wizard and guides you through how to use Time Line Therapy® to heal your past, align your values and beliefs and create the future of your dreams. An excellent, easy read.

The Magic of NLP Demystified

Lewis & Pucelik

This is a very good introduction to the use of NLP in improving communication. It covers rapport, representational systems and one of the best explanations of the Meta model we know of. You don't need any prior knowledge of NLP which is why it is one of the required books for my Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification training programmes.

Unlimited Power


The book that got me started 11 years ago and still one of the best general introductions to NLP there is. It covers pretty much the curriculum for Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification training in a way that anyone will understand. Gives great examples and anecdotes of the application of NLP to virtually every application area you could wish for, with an excellent slant on personal empowerment.

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