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There are so many books available on the subject the Mind – Body Connection. We are often asked which books are a good investment of time and money.  We only ever recommend books that we have personally read and found useful either in the work we do on ourselves or with our clients and students. Here is a list of the books we most often recommend and a brief synopsis of each one. Enjoy! 

Quantum Healing


A brilliant book. It's been on my bookshelf since it first came out 12 years ago. This was the first mainstream book that postulated that there really was a connection between the human mind and body, also that we replace every cell in our body every year. Chopra poses an interesting point in that he says the question isn't how does someone get ill, but rather how does someone stay ill? Since we replace our stomach lining every five days, how does someone have a stomach ulcer for more than five days? Lots of case histories and stories demonstrating that there is a link between our health and the way we think and feel.

Mental Therapeutics


Just in case you were thinking that Chopra's thinking is new, here's a book written in the early 1900's with step by step methods for communicating with every organ of the body and how to use the techniques for healing and perfect health. Historic and as relevant today as it was nearly a hundred years ago. A great little book. 

Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution


Be prepared for your ideas about the relationship between what you eat and you body fat to be changed forever. Prepare to be astounded and shocked that what you are recommended to eat is actually making you fatter. This book outlines a diet that is scientifically based and really works and is also easy to follow.  We recommend you seek medical advise prior to starting any diet. 

Dr Atkins Age-Defying Diet Revolution


Dr Atkins is also working on the area of reversing and slowing aging by the use of diet and dietary supplements. This book is a great introduction to how it works and what supplements you need to take. 

Sugar Busters

Steward, Bethea, Andrews and Luis

This book is based on the same ideas as the Dr Atkins Diet. It's less rigorous and therefore suits some people better. 

Grow Young and Slim


Nick Delgado specialises in the area of anti-aging and his book is a real compendium of the best information around. If you're only going to read one book on anti-aging make it this one. The chapter on exercise will change your ideas about what it takes to get lean and fit. 

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