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Achieve More In 30 Days

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If you let go of your excuses,

what could you achieve in 30 days?

It is a fact that we only use a small amount of our mental capacity, about 90% is never or very seldom used!  We therefore have the ability to achieve more than we think is possible.

We are taking stock and have a desire to move forwards in leaps and bounds this year. For the whole month of April, we have decided to challenge ourselves and put ourselves to the test to see what is possible.   We invite those of you who really want to spring forward this month to join us.

The 5 areas we have decided to focus on are:

  • Our Mind Power
  • Our Health
  • Our Time
  • Our Creativity
  • Our Ability to Pay Attention - Focus

Each day there will be a new focus added to this page.  Join the Facebook Group, Let's make 2014 our Best Year Yet, by supporting each others success.

Have an amazing month and make the impossible, possible - you're worth it!

David, Sally & The Performance Partnership Team

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