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One of the filters we use to delete, distort and generalise incoming information. Our values provide us with upfront motivation and after the fact, evaluation. They also determine how we spend our time. Values are the things that are most important to us in life. We have values for everything from personal relationships to our car. Our values are mostly unconscious and most of the values we have now were in place by the time we were 10 years old! Values can be used in sales, management, culture change, and relationships. NLP also has techniques to assist someone in changing their values if they are not supporting the person in achieving their goals.

Book: Time Line Therapy® and the Basis of Personality - James & Woodsmall

Course: NLP Master Practitioner Certification


One of our internal representational systems. When you see pictures in your mind you are using your visual representational system.

Book: The Magic of NLP Demystified - Lewis & Pucelik

Courses: NLP Practitioner Certification

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