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Rapport is the state you are in when you like and trust someone. Normally rapport takes some time after first meeting someone for you to get that feeling between you. There are techniques within NLP that can enable you to dramatically accelerate the rapport building process. In some cases the rapport appears to be created almost instantaneously. These techniques work both face-to-face and over the telephone.

Book: Influencing With Integrity - Genie Z Laborde

Courses: NLP Practitioner Certification


Reframing is a conversational technique that enables you to change a person's perspective on a problematic situation or event. Reframing works because all meaning is context dependent. As in if we take the behaviour that is causing the problem and put it into a completely different context, the meaning of the behaviour changes. Likewise, there are always meanings to a problem behaviour that the person has not realised which' if they were to realise them would change their perspective on the problem, event, or situation.

Book: Reframing - Bandler & Grinder

Courses: NLP Practitioner CertificationNLP Master Practitioner Certification

Representational Systems

The representational systems are the six modalities of thinking that you can run in your neurology. They are visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory, gustatory, and auditory digital (self-talk).

Book: The Magic of NLP Demystified - Lewis & Pucelik

Courses: NLP Practitioner Certification

Resource Anchor

A resource anchor is an anchor that has been created with a number of resourceful states stacked on top of one another. This means that you can create an anchor for yourself (or someone else) that when fired would have you feel powerful, safe, motivated, loved etc. all at the same time. This gives you a tremendous resource to use whenever you want to feel at your best.

Book: Frogs Into Princes - Bandler & Grinder

Course: NLP Practitioner Certification

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