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Neuro Linguistics

The concepts developed by Alfred Korzybski. Also known as General Semantics.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the art and science of creating human excellence. It uses pragmatic models to quantify how we process information, how we structure our thoughts, and how this affects our behaviour. Applying these models enables us to take control of our mental, emotional, and physical resources so we can begin to create our own destiny. NLP is even more than this: driven by the attitude of curiosity and the spirit of "Just Do It", it drives people to unleash their true power and passion for living.

Neurological Levels

An excellent model developed by Robert Dilts that describes how human behaviour is created and how it relates to results.

New Orleans Flexibility Drill

The New Orleans Flexibility Drill is a collapse anchor technique that enables you to work with someone to delete negative feelings from specific situations, like “whenever my boss talks to me in a particular way I feel bad”, "Every time I get up to present I feel nervous”, “Whenever the phone rings I feel nervous”.

Course: NLP Practitioner Certification

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