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You establish rapport with someone by pacing them i.e. matching and mirroring that physiology, matching that voice tonality and the words they use. Once you have rapport, it is then possible to begin leading the person. This means you change your physiology and they follow you. By doing this, you can assist people in changing their state. An example in sales would be if you show up to meet a client and you find the client in a less than happy mood. You would not want to begin selling to them whilst they are in that state so you would use rapport-building techniques to assist them in moving into a more conducive state of body and mind.

Book: Influencing With Integrity - Genie Z Laborde 

Courses: NLP Practitioner Certification

Lead Representational System

The representational system the person uses first to access other information. For instance, if someone's lead system was visual and you asked them to remember the sound of their mother's voice, they would have to get a picture of their mother before they could access the sound of her voice.

Book: The Magic of NLP Demystified - Lewis & Pucelik

Courses: NLP Practitioner Certification

Learning State

A state of body and mind which we teach at all of our training programmes. This state enables you to learn information most easily and also recall it when you want. Once learned this technique has enabled children to increase their school grades by one or two points in a term.

Book: Presenting Magically -James & Shephard

Courses: NLP Practitioner Certification

Limiting Belief

Beliefs are the conscious and unconscious rules which we use to run our behaviour and shape our world. A limiting belief would be a rule we have that prevents us from getting what we want, limiting our choices, and options. For instance there are many limiting beliefs about money:
"Money doesn't grow on trees" 
"Money can't buy you love" 
"Money is the route to all evil" etc.
These beliefs could prevent someone from creating the kind of money and wealth they want in their life. There are NLP and Time Line Therapy® techniques that can enable people to change their beliefs and create change in their life.

Books: Time Line Therapy® and the Basis of Personality - James & Woodsmall, The Secret Of Creating Your Future® - James

Courses: NLP Practitioner CertificationNLP Master Practitioner Certification

Limiting Decision

A limiting decision is the conscious or unconscious decision that precedes the creation of a limiting belief. Before you had a particular belief you had to decide that it was true. In Time Line Therapy® there are techniques that enable people to undo the limiting decisions they have made in the past and therefore change the experiences they create in their life.

Books: Time Line Therapy® and the Basis of Personality - James & Woodsmall, The Secret Of Creating Your Future® - James 

Courses:  NLP Practitioner CertificationNLP Master Practitioner Certification

Logical Levels Of Therapy

A conversational technique that enables you to scramble the strategy someone uses to produce a problem behaviour. Though the technique does not necessarily have the problem totally disappear it loosens the problem up so that any following NLP or Time Line Therapy® technique is much easier to use successfully.

Course: NLP Master Practitioner Certification

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