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Hypnosis is the process of learning how to go into an altered state, sometimes called trance, and tap into those deep unconscious resources we all possess. Our belief is that all learning, behaviour, and change is unconscious. The application of hypnotic techniques to areas such as learning, coaching, and training can produce dramatic results. Also the role of the unconscious mind in the area of mind-body healing is only just being fully appreciated. Our hypnosis training dissolves the mystery surrounding this process, so you can realise that we all have incredible hypnotic abilities and can use trance every day to great effect.

Book: Hypnosis – James

Courses: NLP Practitioner CertificationNLP Master Practitioner Certification

Hypnotic Language Patterns

The Milton Model provides a series of linguistic patterns which, when used in speech, induces a level of trance in the listener. These language patterns can be used one-on-one and with groups. Hypnotic Language Patterns are artfully vague which causes the listener’s conscious mind, to become quickly overloaded and therefore enables you to communicate more directly with your listener’s unconscious mind. Since the unconscious mind is responsible for all learning, behaviour, and change, being able to communicate directly with someone’s unconscious mind enables you to take a quantum leap in your communication, and influence skills.

Books: Hypnosis - James, Trance-formations - Bandler & Grinder, Ultimate Selling power - Moine & Lloyd

Courses: NLP Practitioner CertificationNLP Master Practitioner Certification

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