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Generalisation is one of the means by which we filter incoming information. We use this filter to learn things and make the world around us a simpler place. For instance, you have formed generalisations for how doors work. That means that when you approach a door you know how it will work without having to work it out every time. That is useful. Some generalisations however are not useful. All of the “isms” on the planet are generalisations, like sexism, racism, ageism etc. Also you may create generalisations about yourself that are not useful, like ‘Whenever I do anything I never get what I want’. With filters like that running, how could you ever hope to notice success? Even if you were successful you would filter it out!


One of our five senses and the means by which we represent things to ourselves. Gustatory is taste. And yes, it can be an internal representation. Just for a moment imagine biting into a really juicy acidic lemon. Is your mouth watering? That is your internal representation of gustatory. The lemon is not really there.

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