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Business Freedom Workshop


Own Your Business - Do Not Let It Own You!

“The majority of business owners start businesses in order to create more flexibility and

freedom in their lives. Most will fail. And the rest often find themselves working harder

than ever before and, too often, for much less money than when they had a job.”

Eric Edmeades

Entrepreneurship is supposed to be about freedom. Done properly, owning a business should provide you with more time, increased financial abundance and a powerful platform for self-expression. Sadly, for most, business ownership becomes something else entirely. In fact, most new businesses will fail outright and many of those that succeed will only do so because the owner of the business is working unbelievable hours and, often, being under paid to do so. Join international entrepreneur, and world-class business speaker, Eric Edmeades, for a powerful and life and business-changing talk about business freedom and real entrepreneurship.

During Eric’s talk, you will learn practical and effective strategies for creating far more freedom and profitability from your business. For instance, you will learn:

1. Five common (and simple) mistakes business owners make that TRAP them inside their businesses and cause them to work far harder than they really need to.

2. One powerful strategy to massively increase both inbound leads and sales conversions so that revenue never needs to be a problem again and cash-flow can become predictable and enjoyable.

3. A really effective way to attract, interview and keep the very best people to your team so that you can trust them to do their job effectively and efficiently while fitting into the culture you want for your business.

4. One mistake business owners make that can cause months of difficulty and challenges with team focus and moral and how to avoid it.

5. A very sneaky, fun and effective way to make sure that your prospects buy from you and NOT from your competitors.

Eric’s talks are always the right combination of fun and practicality. You will walk away with effective, practical and business-changing tools and strategies. Eric is an international business specialist and the creator of both Business Freedom and Inception Marketing. He travels extensively, working with business owners in over 20 countries to help them increase their levels of personal freedom, grow their business and live extraordinary lives.

Eric has shared the stage with Jack Canfield, John Gray, former President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson and spent over a year touring with Anthony Robbins as a guest speaker at Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery program.  As well as being a world-class business speaker, Eric is a genuine entrepreneur and owns, or has owned, businesses in a variety of industries including mobile computing, logistics, events management, wireless networking, medical simulation, prototype development, 3D camera engineering and Hollywood special effects.

Above all, Eric is one of the most effective business mentors in the world. His common sense approach to business, combined with his gregarious style and story telling, makes him a highly effective and sought-after business speaker.

We can promise you will be entertained,  you will learn practical and usable steps to increase your level of business freedom and to improve your overall quality of life.


3rd February 2015, 6.30 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. London


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