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NLP Practitioner

Join us in London from 6th - 12th October 2018 and become a certified NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, NLP Coach & Hypnotherapist.

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David Shephard

David is an expert in the field of Communication and Influence.  His reputation as Master Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching is second to none.

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Discover 10 reasons why training with David Shephard and The Performance Partnership is a unique experience.

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Time for a Spring Clean?  Join us at 'Fix Your Mind' on 29th & 30th September 2018, for this incredible event and make space in your mind for new possibilities this year.

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Our courses are designed to assist you in creating the life your dreams and support you on a moment by moment basis to achieving the results you desire.

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Presenting Magically

Join us to discover have NLP can transform your public speaking skills and abilities.

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Welcome to The Performance Partnership

The Performance Partnership is ready to be your partner for success. Our NLP techniques have helped thousands of people to achieve their personal and professional objectives. By understanding a few key principles about how our minds work and how we can positively influence the way other people see us, we can also open the door to amazing opportunities at work, in our careers, and with our families and personal life as well.

The Performance Partnership founder and Master Trainer, David Shephard, connects with his audience in a way that is inspiring and enduring. At the heart of his approach to NLP is a holistic process whereby students learn to replace bad habits and negative energy into habits which not only bring success but also magnify one’s capabilities and opportunities in life. The positive energy that he builds in his courses not only continues beyond the session, but for some, has proven life-changing.

Performance Partnership can also customize programmes for special events and corporate seminars. We have a broad range of NLP courses. London is our base for our trainings and we also offer courses in other major cities in the UK. Our most popular programs include the following:

  • Free NLP Training Course: Our free NLP training courses give you a chance to see and experience first-hand the amazing potential of the NLP techniques that David teaches his audiences.
  • Change Your Mind Change Your Future: This seminar uses a powerful range of NLP techniques which enable self-empowerment and helps you take control of your future and your life circumstances.
  • Practitioner certification: We offer several levels of certification and NLP coaching for those who would like to build their own practice to help others reach their highest potential. These include Practitioner Certification, NLP Master, and also coursework in Hypnosis
  • Public Speaking: One of our most popular courses is in public speaking. More than just a session in speaking skills, David’s public speaking course helps an individual learn the skills of presenting with passion, charisma, and persuasion while applying principles of NLP.

We also offer products which are available online, some of which reflect similar content as that which is available on the in-person courses. The following are among the most popular, having already proven their transformative impact with our clients again and again:

  • Introduction to NLP Audio Download: You can begin now to transform your future by learning – for free – about the amazing power of NLP.
  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Future: Similar to the course, this 6-CD audio programme conveys many of the life-changing NLP techniques that we use in our NLP Training. UK residents can receive the CD set within days via Royal Mail.
  • NLP Practitioner Home Study programme: For those who would like to not only fully master the NLP skill set but also help others transform their lives, we also make this home study programme available on CD.
  • Many other products are available, and we invite you to explore for yourself the world of The Performance Partnership.

We thank you for checking out our home page. We invite you to see for yourself the amazing opportunities that await you through our online content or through courses available at our NLP School. Your transformed future is just a click away.

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